Audiovisual methods and soft skills for language teaching.

Audiovisual methods and soft skills for language teaching is a project based on the mutual interest of the six contributors. It includes:

bringing  innovation in the linguistic education of adults by developing digital skills of participants;

increasing the soft skills, pedagogical skills of training participants;

increasing the quality and efficiency of language teaching at regional level by transferring the knowhow gained at partnership level to teachers from outside the partnership.

We are excited to announce and new Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project, AudioSofts4Teaching: Audiovisual methods and soft skills for language teaching

In this project, we will be working with 5 other institutions from Romania, Germany, Italy, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Our objective is to improve all of the institutions’ learning environments by bringing innovative teaching methodology and soft skills in the teachers’ repertoire, with a particular focus of language teaching. We will focus on 3 key teaching skills: Digital Skills (educational apps, online resources, audiovisual materials, video podcasting, etc.), Soft Skills (Leadership, inter- and intra- personal communication, teamwork, social and emotional intelligence), Pedagogical Skills (CLIL, Flipped classroom method, Classroom management, etc.)

For updates as the project processes, check out: