Art for language teaching

5 day course Programme

This is a course for language teachers, teachers' assistants and those working with persons with special needs 


Day 1

Introduction of participants – icebreaker activities

How art influences learning

Use of art for EFL teaching


Day 2

The methodology of using art to teach a language

For learners with a cognitive disability and the visually impaired – how art can be used to teach a language

Building language skills by talking about art - examples of good practices

Story telling related to art


Day 3

Workshop in an art gallery

CLIL Art Activities for Any Foreign Language Classroom


Discussion about good practices


Day 4

Using art in the classroom

Making use of limited resources to create art in the classroom

Expression through art


Day 5

Visit to art museum

History of art for language development

Language enhancement through art

Closing of course.

Learning how to use different materials

The fee for this course is Euro 350 including entrance fee to gallery and museum

15 persons can be accepted on this course

The venue of the course is in Floriana

Special prices at the Allegro hotel can be arranged for those interested in booking the accommodation with the course  .

Course dates:

27 April to 30 April 2020

11 May to 15 May 2020

 ​​​Course dates

27 to 30 April 2020


During the past courses the participants learnt about different forms of art expression. They visited the Cathedral and saw some Caravaggio paintings including the Beheading of St John. We also went to see some art galleries and museums. The teachers were from Finland, Czech Republic, Greece, Romania and Spain. It was a wonderful experience and we look forward to repeating it.